The Transitional Housing Support Program assists individuals who are motivated to continue down their path to recovery from mental health issues and addictions.  This program is open to those who have abstained from their addiction for at least 30 days, whether it’s from being in a treatment program, or self-motivated to stop engaging in those risky behaviours.

While in this program, individuals will:

  • Learn life skills and coping strategies
  • Work on relapse prevention methods
  • Be provided with therapeutic support in the form of one-on-one counselling, peer support groups, and/or self-help groups
  • Focus on improving quality of life

There are also ongoing resident meetings and self-organized programming which add to the empowerment and personal development of clients. The program is time limited, with regular assessments. Support Workers also provide assistance with finding permanent housing for individuals nearing the end of the program.

Please contact 905-641-5222, and ask to speak to THSP Staff for more information.