Barbara Collins, a Registered Art Psychotherapist with Kinark Child and Family Services, curates an art show entitled “Touched by Fire” every summer. This year, a youth participating in the art show created a painting and requested that the funds from the sale of the painting be anonymously donated to our agency in gratitude for the support they received from us. Attached with the donation was the following note:

“Dear CMHA Niagara,

I am a youth who has been touched by mental health, not only through my own struggles, but those of friends and family. I wanted to donate this money to aid in shattering the stigma surrounding mental illness, and to mend the mind. Hopefully it can be used in a way that will help citizens/residents of the Niagara region, especially other children.

Thank you.”

To the individual who made this donation, our agency sends our sincerest thanks for your support. We recognize that it takes a lot of courage to participate in something like this, and we commend you for it. Your selfless act is nothing short of inspiring! Know that you have helped make a difference in Niagara.