This week I was camping with my family. After years of not being invited on family camping trips, last year the cycle was broken and I was once again allowed to go camping with my family. This year I went as well.

We did a lot of fishing and spent a lot of time out on the water. This got me thinking about life. What if I was like a fish who was just about to get hooked on the end of someone’s fishing pole? Would I try to swim away, or would I accept my fate?

I am a lot like these fish I was catching; I am always quick to jump at an idea that is dangled in front of me, just like the fish with the worm. Not only that, but I can be sneaky just like the fish, [taking] a few nibbles to try it out first then running with the whole worm. I, however, do not run with worms. I run with ideas. I get an idea in my head and am driven to act on it.

Most of the time these ideas of mine seem to be quite successful like a fish running away with the worm without getting caught, which is a very successful act on the fish’s part. Even when most [people] say it is impossible, I show them it is possible.

I was once told I would never be able to work again, but look at me now! At the end of August I will have had my job for a year. Go Julie Go! Even getting employee of the month during this first year of employment.

I could not have done any of this without the help I have received from CMHA. Lindsay, Pam from realwork, MCRRT staff, Safe Beds staff and Cyndy—you are all so wonderful. Thank you for helping this girl turn her life around. I went from being on the path of self destruction daily to wanting to live again (well, most days anyways).

To defying odds by working and keeping my job for almost a year now, I am so proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished.

Thank you all of you.

– Julie