My worker is Amber K., and the last appointment I had with her I missed, which was completely left open, simply ’cause I did not contact her.

The most important factor of this matter is when I missed my appointment with Amber only two days later she got the key and entered my apartment with Lindsay, and I want you know how grateful I am for her actions. Amber has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and I do firmly believe she should be acknowledged.

She is not just an employee of CMHA, she is a person who firmly cares about her clients, and I want you to know how grateful I am, and how much of a wonderful person she is; this isn’t even about her job, as much as

[it is about] how caring she is as a human being. I do wish her dedication be honoured in some way.  You have once heck of person who works for CMHA. I don’t think of her as just a CMHA employee, I see who she is [as] a person, and they don’t come better than her. [She’s] just an amazing person.

Besides this I can also tell you how … every time I see her, she doesn’t just ask how things have been going, and how I feel. No, the one thing I can always count on Amber for is that she does not give easy answers. When we talk she makes me think, she gets my wheels turning. She is not about to answer unless I am stuck, but I assure you she gives me the time to think. She never reserves any judgement if she, for whatever reason, thinks maybe I’m not close enough; she will fill in the blanks after she has given one time to think for ourselves.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is … I’ve never met somebody quite like her, but I do want what’s best for her. She is an outstanding employee and person and at least deserves recognition in this matter.

Thank you,
— Anonymous