Greetings CMHA Niagara fellowship,

Writing is something I do most days, except when I am in an extreme state. Usually I do not have a theme just thoughts, feelings, songs, poems, rants, raves and observations – lots of them.

Today I have a theme, it came easily. Starting off here at the new symbolizes where everything starts…with HOPE.

My hope is to be understood. Understanding reduces FEAR – my greatest enemy. HOPE is the only thing stronger than fear. Understanding reduces the stigma. It is hard enough battling myself all day let alone the rest of the world.

Today I am inspired by a former adversary who did not understand or believe in Mental Illness until his life was directly affected by it ( Some One You Know Or You ). Now he believes. Today we are friends who share much and grow together.

Hope to me means goals and goals mean “ I am going to try”.

I hope you share your hopes. By sharing maybe you will help others recognize that they have hope.

From this we grow…

James Mann