When I think about trying to give my life some purpose, it is usually about trying to find a job, and something to do everyday, something to look forward to, a reason to wake up each morning, get out of bed and eat breakfast. I suffer with thoughts of self harm every day, but recently I have decided to try and put some purpose back into my life, a reason not to be trapped in my old ways. Recently I saw the movie finding Dory, now let me tell you that is a fish with a purpose. She had so many obstacles in her life to overcome, but she was determined, just like me. I am determined to wake up each day and live life moment to moment. Just like Dory I have to just keep swimming, taking it one day at a time, and not letting the small stuff get in the way of your greater purpose. I strongly believe that with the help I have receive[d] from CMHA it has allowed me to look at life differently and has given me back a reason to just keep swimming. A reason to wake up everyday and as I continue to search for a purpose in each day I will always be reminded of where I came from.

– Julie