Our Vision, Mission, and Values

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Our Vision, Mission, and Values2017-01-04T09:57:40-04:00
Our Vision…

CMHA Niagara is a catalyst for an innovative, inclusive and recovery-based community.

Our Mission…

CMHA Niagara furthers its vision by serving individuals holistically to develop and strengthen their place in the community.

Our Values…

The following values form the core belief system of CMHA Niagara.

We work in a “culture of service” with the ten fundamental components of recovery:  self-directed, individualized/person centered, empowered, holistic, non-linear, strengths based, peer supported, respected, responsible and hopeful.

We show respect for those who seek our service, co-workers, community partners and ourselves by being open to different opinions, beliefs, and values.

We have congruence between what we do and what we say, such that our actions and decisions are sincere, transparent, consistent and reflective of our values and policies.

We are accountable for our common goal of enhanced well-being and contribution to the mission, vision and strategic goals of the Branch.

We demonstrate service at the highest professional level, through our attitude and ongoing skills attainment.


Vision Statement:  Through the input of staff and volunteers, we came to realize that our vision needs to encompass recovery (our main goal), inclusion, community (capturing individuals, their families and their communities), and the message that we wish to be known for leadership, innovation and being a driving force for the best practices in our community (the catalyst).

Mission Statement:  We wanted to capture the concept of serving the entire spectrum of an individual’s needs:  recovery, shelter, advocacy, education, job placement and community support, so we applied the word holistic. Our second goal was to emphasize that the individual and his/her community are inseparable, and need to be seen as completely interrelated. We also mindfully chose to avoid the word services as being too inflexible and program-oriented. We chose instead serving as a preferable description of how we want to relate to our clients and our community.

For general inquiries on our programs and services, please call 905-641-5222.

The following 24/7 crisis and information is available:

Distress Centre Niagara: 905-688-3711

COAST: 1-866-550-5205 (Press 1)

Mental Health and Addictions Access Line: 1-866-550-5205 (Press 2)