Working in mental health has many positive consequences.  One of them is the role of self reflection on one’s own mental health.  Being mentally well every day is a goal that I believe most individuals would strive for.  However there are many real life things that can challenge our level of wellness (e.g. how we slept, a fight with had with a spouse, friend, child, your work day, needs of elderly parents, and even traffic, or waiting lines).  Needing to be aware of how you are doing as you work with others is one of the important competencies mental health workers need to have to be effective.  Checking in with yourself and with others as a way of taking care of yourself becomes a way of doing the work and of taking care.  Making efforts the “walk the talk” is part of this as well.

One of the practices we have incorporated at many of our staff meetings is exercises in mindfulness.  We do this when we work with clients, as a way of practicing paying attention and focusing on the present.  Expanding this to staff meeting is a way of staying connect to one of our organizations values of having integrity and of trying to “walk the talk”.

-Mary B.