Poverty and Ontario Disability Support Plan

//Poverty and Ontario Disability Support Plan

Poverty and Ontario Disability Support Plan

It is no secret that most of our clients live in poverty, and depend on government assistance for their survival, and it is survival, at the meager amounts provided. It’s not easy for a single person surviving on $ 13,320 maximum per year. Most Canadians live on substantially more and many of those are in debt.  Many of our clients live on much less than even the maximum offered through the Ontario Disability Support Program ( ODSP)

Last week, the Ministry of Community and Social Services http://bit.ly/1T18iUc , announced changes to the medical review process for the Ontario Disability Support Program ( ODSP), hopefully making it easier and simpler to qualify.  It means that people living with mental illness will have access to this benefit.  Since most of our clients survive on ODSP and 50 per cent of ODSP recipients live with mental illness; we were gratified to hear that CMHA Ontario and others were able to influence the government for these positive changes. It still not a basic income as advocated by many and tested with great success in Dauphin, Manitoba from 1974-1979. That experiment resulted in decreased hospitalization, violence, and other benefits including de-stigmatization and the dignity of life without having to go to a food bank. That would be real progress. In the meantime, every little bit helps…

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