“Never pass on an opportunity to say thank you or give recognition for a job well done”
Mark W. Boyer

Three years ago we started our Staff Appreciation Awards, frankly because Accreditation Canada standards asked for them. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t sincere about these awards. Standards are just best practice from other agencies that as Accreditation Canada members we agree to uphold. They have purpose and meaning to the culture of our agency.  It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate each other daily. Hopefully, we say thank you at least once a day to someone we work with for a job well done. These awards provide an opportunity to say thank you again in a more public way. Nominators took the time to say their thanks very eloquently and I am please to share them with the public.

1) Our Values Award Winner

img_0780 This award recognizes CMHA individuals who demonstrate, by their service, qualitative improvement for others. Service, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Competency.

Comments from her nominator were:

“She is seen as ambitious in her role of helping others. She is truly sincere in her work with clients and is viewed as transparent through having the ability to challenge the client in conversation/session in a way that directly benefits the client. She exemplifies the values of CMHA Niagara in alignment with our mission and vision so naturally through her personality that I truly believe she would be the best candidate to receive the Our Values award.”

2) Leadership Award Winner

img_0783This award recognizes leadership in any staff member of the agency. The principle values represented are:  self-awareness, genuine respect, listening, professionalism, doing more than expected, creative change ideas, acceptance of responsibility and accountability.

Comments from her nominator were:

“Once this person, with manager’s approval, took her CAMS client early in the morning, to have his cat spayed. She has a welcoming space for me, clients and co-workers. She is always assisting when USS is busy and lends a listening ear to coworkers. She always has innovative ideas for supporting our clients. She is the counsellor yardstick against whom others can be measures. She is a pillar of self –reflection, compassion and integrity.”

3) Healthy Individuals = Strong Communities Award Winner

1This award is given to CMHA front-line program staff members who are recognized by their peers for demonstrating our mission: “CMHA Niagara furthers its vision by serving individuals holistically to develop and strengthen their place in the community.”

Comments from her nominator were:

“For her dedication to skill improvement, ongoing learning, impeccable willingness to share in the development of programs is both inspirational and respected by all. Her service to the agency, clients and peers has demonstrated her abilities to strengthen the lives of all she has come in contact. Her skill in matching the needs of individual to resources, which in FE is somewhat limited, is always done in a respectful way to ensure positive outcome.”

This is a vocation and not just a job. Those nominated for the awards and all our staff display the caring and commitment necessary to support the most vulnerable.  For that reason: “Never pass on an opportunity to say thank you or give recognition for a job well done.”