This weekend I had the opportunity to join in two public events in support of mental health. Maeghan, one of our staff members, who happened to be on maternity leave, organized our first flash mob at the Seaway Mall. With the support of Dance FX Studio , participants of all ages and dance abilities joined us for a celebration of good mental health. We weren’t exactly Riverdance but we bravely moved to the beat in celebration of our cause.

The other public event was a Beach Volleyball fundraising event, organized by Omega Sigma Chi a local Brock U. sorority. These women organized their event with the support of Pro Sports Beach Box for the cause of mental health and in their words: “to make a positive difference”. These dedicated young students and future leaders showed me what I already suspected. Mental Illness is emerging out of the closet and our younger generation is leading the way.

By the way: a picture I intended to post on  our CMHA Facebook, of 7 young Omega Sigma Chi ladies and me, was inadvertently posted to my personal Facebook. I had a lot of questions coming from family and friends. Oh well, I am sure the younger generation will also help me with the technical aspects of social media.