Yesterday I was going out for my Tim Horton’s. I came across into an individual who frequently visits the Tim’s and is treated rather nicely I would say. He is homeless and they may give him a donut or other treat while he uses their washroom. What got me thinking was, “Why do I have everything I need to eat while he scrounges for food? Is there a food shortage?”

The answer is no. There is actually a food surplus. Researchers found that over the past five decades food availability has climbed higher and higher, while still not reaching people who are chronically hungry.   It’s a matter of distribution rather than shortage.

Worldwide, we waste 1.3 billion tons of food per year. This amounts to one-third of the world’s food, and it is enough to feed 2 billion people. Despite this waste, 795 million people are going hungry around the world and countless others in this community.

Last week we were part of a national homelessness count to determine the exact number of homeless people in our community. Let’s hope that we do more than count individuals and begin the process of dedicated supports and re-distribution of our wealth. We have it. Once again, it’s a matter of distribution rather than shortage.