I feel validated and acknowledged regarding my issues, it is a good feeling. Today really isn’t turning out to be so bad after all! Thank you very much!!”

That’s a direct quote from one of our clients, and there are many more like it. Without being too self-congratulatory, our staff does a wonderful job at meeting needs of people living with mental illness. Here are some more quotes:

“Allowed me to share my stories, have someone who was unbiased to the situation. Guided me through the session and guided me to my answers.”

“This session has reminded me of who I am and what I value. It has been the 1st step towards recovery and I am grateful for my counselling and this service. Truly, it was exactly what I needed.”

“I was happy to receive personal advice on the issues I was facing. I was very happy with how comfortable I felt during the session.”

We have just completed our newest Client Experience Questionnaire and found in our survey responses that overwhelmingly almost 100% of clients were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience at CMHA Niagara and similarly pleased in the 10 categories evaluated. It is important to note that this survey was developed by clients themselves, who are members of our Client and Family Advisory Committee.

Does this mean everything is perfect and we have nothing to improve on? Absolutely not!

We will have a full review with our Client and Family Advisory Committee and work on the issues needed to improve the quality of our service. The full report and recommendations for improvement will be posted after review by our committee… but in the meantime… kudos to the hard working staff of CMHA Niagara who help our clients feel validated.

Good job!