Some bad news and then some good news……

For a variety of reasons, mostly related to job requirements such as moving to New Brunswick, moving to Sarnia, we have had a number of resignations of Board members. This certainly reflects the kind of mobility that is required of individuals to maintain and develop their careers. It’s an issue that charitable agencies have to deal with more frequently, as they rely on highly motivated career-oriented  volunteers.

Most of the work by Board volunteers happens at the various committees, where certain skills and expertise is required. For example, the Finance Committee requires a Chair with a deep understanding of financial accountability in a complex organization. In another example, the Quality Committee requires someone who can absorb large amounts of client data to ascertain that funder targets are met and programs are continuously improved. The demands for skilled individual’s increase with the professionalization of charitable agencies like ours. Consequently, when Board members leave, their absence is felt.  ….and that is the bad news….we miss them dearly.

The good news is that we are overwhelmed with our request for new Board members who have the  appropriate skills and interests to take over the governance of this increasingly complex organization.  I surmise that part of this interest in our Board is  the higher profile for mental health , such as the current Bell Canada: Lets Talk campaign . The other part of their interest is their wish to make a difference . We welcome these new Board applicants and offer them that opportunity to make a difference.