Wednesday June 8th was a special day for two members of the CMHA family!

Susan Mifsud, a member of the Board of Directors at CMHA Niagara, received her Master of Education degree. Susan had been working toward a BEd in Adult Education since 2009, and in 2014 she started working on her MEd. She has recently landed a job as a Recovery Support Worker for the Niagara Region’s Mental Health Unit and runs her own consulting business.

Kaitlyn Daw (right), CMHA Niagara's Communications & Events Facilitator

Kaitlyn Daw (right), CMHA Niagara’s Communications & Events Facilitator

Susan Mifsud, Member of CMHA Niagara's Board of Directors

Susan Mifsud, Member of CMHA Niagara’s Board of Directors

Kaitlyn Daw, the new Communications and Events Facilitator at CMHA Niagara, received her Bachelor of Arts degree.  Kaitlyn received a number of awards while at Brock University, including the President’s Surgite Award, and on Wednesday was presented with the Spirit of Brock Award.

Congratulations to Susan and Kaitlyn!