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25 July, 2016

A New Perspective

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I began as what I believe to be a lost cause with CMHA, I was constantly being involved with Mobile Crisis rapid response, which is where I first met Lindsay. She was constantly showing up at my place with police as I was wanting to self-harm. I was indulging in a lot of risky behaviours that would cost me my life if I could not get the behaviours under control.  Lindsay eventually took me under her wing, and is teaching me and working with me she believes in me even more than I believe in myself and I know she truly [...]

14 March, 2016

Fragile State

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The only real change over a year has been rehoming the kitty and my son sleeper better at night (still dealing with anxiety issues though). It amazed me how even in my ramblings of fluster I still managed to try to tie it up with a lesson in understanding others struggles: My anxiety has been at an all time high over the last few months :/ There is a list of reasons why and the proof is in my nails.  I have bitten so far down.  Also suffering is my body.  I have gained so much weight I feel like [...]

22 February, 2016

Saved by Wrestling

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While watching teen movies I often find myself sad. As my daughter nears her teens I find myself struggling more and more. It is baffling why teen years are such an issue for me. Then, when I reflect, I realize why. My teen years were the worse years for me! Some may think my late 20's to early 30's might have been my hardest and most traumatizing due to the abuse sustained through my marriage, but that is not true. Truth be told, it is a miracle I made it through my teens. I have had many "phases" of things [...]

21 February, 2016

These Butterfly Wings – Managing Anxiety & Depression

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A friend of mine posted a comment on FB about how sick she is of people asking that very simple question: How are you? She said that it's fake and a meaningless gesture because the typical response is "I'm fine, how are you?" And that is most often the end of the conversation as we make our way through our own individual lives. Isn't it? I partially agree with her. Does anyone really care how you really are? I often find myself asking that question. But I tried my best to give my friend a positive response by saying that [...]

5 January, 2016

DBT Magic

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I am not a big fan of magic Yet there is a magic word in DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) That word is AND!   AND allows me to see the truth in 2 opposing views   On one side I have the “validation” of who I am right now On the other side I have the challenge to change my behaviour   “I am doing the best that I can” AND “I need to do better”  Think of the Serenity Prayer It looks to Accept what cannot be changed AND It looks to Change what can be changed   These [...]

23 December, 2015


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I have been very fortunate Caring people have been helping me – helping me to live a Life Worth Living What a concept – living life I’ve been use to just surviving a day at a time Living life is something totally foreign for me AND now I am on a Life Worth Living quest Who would have imagined? Not me! Now on this life quest of mine I’ve come across many unusual words Once such word is Dialectics It sounds like the answer to a crossword puzzle, or a Jeopardy question But what is the question? What is “acknowledging that two [...]

9 December, 2015


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I was watching a tv show earlier today and I’ve been told by friends who also watch the show, that the main character reminds them of me.  The main character is incredibly dramatic, which I can’t relate to, but she’s also blunt and has a lot of anxiety/depression around things like self-worth, her purpose in life, and fear of failure.  For the most part, I’m energetic and positive.  But when the rollercoaster gets to the peak, it has to come down; my thinking changes from “I can do anything!” to “I’m not going anywhere and am stagnating in life”.  It’s [...]

7 December, 2015

All the Small Things

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My girlfriend lives in the small town of Ridgeway, located in the vicinity of Fort Erie, Ontario. The other night i was telling her a few stories (as I am very fond of doing) because she just can’t seem to hear enough of them. And so it goes. Nineteen years ago my home was Simpson Avenue, off the Lakeshore, in Toronto…A college student on the decline mentally and spiritually. There are so many fond memories of that wonderful time in my life, but in the end it became a genuine bummer. But as I walk the streets of Ridgeway during [...]

19 November, 2015


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SYMPTOMATIC a :being a symptom of a disease b :having the characteristics of a particular disease but arising from another cause characteristic, indicative <his behavior was symptomatic of his character A few weeks ago I contacted an old friend about writing again. I have a bunch of false starts and a laundry list of ideas and chapter titles but nothing with real structure. Dr. Hunter S Thompson once said that there is no drug on earth that can give you the same high as sitting down in writing. There is a lot of truth to that in more ways than [...]

13 November, 2015


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Greetings CMHA Niagara fellowship, Writing is something I do most days, except when I am in an extreme state. Usually I do not have a theme just thoughts, feelings, songs, poems, rants, raves and observations – lots of them. Today I have a theme, it came easily. Starting off here at the new symbolizes where everything starts…with HOPE. My hope is to be understood. Understanding reduces FEAR – my greatest enemy. HOPE is the only thing stronger than fear. Understanding reduces the stigma. It is hard enough battling myself all day let alone the rest of the world. Today I am inspired by [...]

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