CMHA Niagara invites you to join us in supporting mental health as we participate in GivingTuesday on Nov. 28.

In the same way that Black Friday opens the shopping season, GivingTuesday opens the giving season, uniting charities, companies and individuals in the spirit of giving. Canadians participating in the international GivingTuesday movement are encouraged to join in, give and volunteer for their favourite cause.

For those coping with mental health issues, the holidays can represent a daunting, overwhelming challenge every year. That’s why CMHA Niagara offers support and information to people affected by mental health issues – so no one needs to feel alone in their struggle.

CMHA Niagara is a United Way funded agency. Please consider supporting mental health by donating to help us continue supporting the resilience and recovery of those who are experiencing mental health issues. Your GivingTuesday gift will help people move away from the stigma, isolation and loneliness that often follow in the wake of a mental health issue.

During this season of giving, you’ll be making a meaningful gift to many people across Niagara who will cope with a mental health issue in the coming year. Please donate today.