28 September, 2017

A Million Steps for Mental Health

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On Monday, September 25 Amy Tunstall, the founder of Aim Outside, took her first steps for awareness on Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath in memory of her father. She will travel 900km of the Bruce Trail from Tobermory to the Niagara Region with a steadfast determination to shatter stigma and connect individuals to mental health resources. As the founder of Aim Outside, a project that tackles mental health issues while bringing insight to the healing benefits of the great outdoors, Ms. Tunstall has travelled over 17,000 km across two continents, five countries, and ten provinces. Long, adventurous treks are [...]

27 September, 2017

Grande Parade 2018

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We had the opportunity to showcase the spirit and energy of our incredible staff, volunteers, and their family members at the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival's Grande Parade for the second year in a row. There was no shortage of enthusiasm as our group danced to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" and Sarah Bareilles' "Brave" along the crowded streets of St. Catharines. We'd like to thank all the Niagara residents that cheered us on, waved, or shouted words of gratitude our way. Your encouragement made the blaring heat a lot more bearable to endure. A HUGE shout out goes to [...]

21 September, 2017

Wedding Favours Mental Health

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On September 9th our Board member Alex Pedersen married her husband Frank Riddle. In lieu of wedding favours, the newlyweds decided to make a donation on their guests' behalf to CMHA Niagara. Their heartwarming gesture will help support much needed local mental health initiatives. Thank you, Alex and Frank, for your generous and selfless contribution to our agency. We are so grateful to have support from individuals like you who make the work we do possible. We couldn’t do it without you. Please join us in congratulating Alex and Frank! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

13 September, 2017

Living Life to the Full: Fall registration open

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We are pleased to announce that the following Living Life To The Full (LLTTF) workshop will soon be offered at our Morrison Street office in Niagara Falls: 6760 Morrison Street - October 5 through November 23 from 10:00 until 11:30 a.m. This LLTTF course helps people to make a positive difference in their lives. There are eight 90-minute weekly sessions that are open to adults who are willing and able to: complete homework weekly, and commit to attend sessions (no more than 2 sessions can be missed). There is a sliding fee scale upon request. Please contact Saddaf at with your name and [...]

13 September, 2017

7 Reasons Why a Loved One Could Be Avoiding Treatment

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The following post is an opinion editorial from guest contributor, Lakeisha Angelika, Ryerson University Alumna. Today's Westernized cultures, societies and standards of living push a notion of perfection - especially through our intense interactions with the media. People are aiming to achieve a higher status to sustain influence and be thought of positively by other people; often delaying or rejecting particular actions that imply weakness or negative impressions of themselves. It is no surprise why there is such an intense stigma associated with mental illness, disorders and, ironically enough, seeking treatment for them. You or a loved one could be facing stress [...]

4 September, 2017

Back to school mental health tips

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As students and parents prepare for back-to school-season, CMHA Niagara is reminding people to keep mental health in mind during the transition. While a new school year can be exciting, it can also cause stress and anxiety. CMHA suggests maintaining positive mental health during this seasonal shift with the following strategies: Take care of your body. Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. Make sure to get enough sleep, drink water, exercise, and eat well. Build resiliency. Resiliency means coping well with problems, stress, and other difficult situations. Problems and stress are a normal part of life. Set aside time [...]

31 August, 2017

Overdose is preventable: know the signs

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An annual event on preventing overdose is more pertinent than ever this year in Ontario. There is an estimated opioid related overdose death every 14 hours in Ontario. To combat this crisis, CMHA Ontario joins individuals and organizations in recognizing International Overdose Awareness Day (IAOD) on August 31. IAOD aims to raise awareness of overdose and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death. An overdose is a toxic amount of one or more substances that stop the body from working properly. Signs of opioid overdose include: Person is not moving or responsive Slow, shallow breathing or no breathing Slow heartbeat [...]

30 August, 2017

The Fishing Trip

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This week I was camping with my family. After years of not being invited on family camping trips, last year the cycle was broken and I was once again allowed to go camping with my family. This year I went as well. We did a lot of fishing and spent a lot of time out on the water. This got me thinking about life. What if I was like a fish who was just about to get hooked on the end of someone's fishing pole? Would I try to swim away, or would I accept my fate? I am a [...]

24 August, 2017

Niagara Falls Family Law Advice

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Family Law Information Clinics (FLIC) offer free assistance and information for clients who are either new to the court system or don’t have a lawyer. They are available in most family courts. Niagara Falls Family Law Advice is offered at our Niagara Falls office (6760 Morrison Street), no appointment necessary. Clients are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis with a maximum of 20 minutes allotted per client. Niagara Falls Family Law Advice Thursdays 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. CMHA Office, 6760 Morrison Street Niagara Falls, Ontario Important Announcements:  The FLIC  will be closed on December 28th, 2017.

26 July, 2017

Register now: Mental Health for All Conference

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From September 18 to the 20, the Canadian Mental Health Association will be hosting the second annual Mental Health for All Conference at the Hilton Toronto. Brought to you in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA), this unique forum in the mental health arena brings together hundreds of leaders and thinkers, all working toward one goal: mental health for all. This year, the conference is built on the theme: “it takes a nation.” The chronic underfunding of mental health is a Canadian reality and Canadians have been [...]

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