Thank you for your interest in posting on CMHA Niagara’s blog!

We look forward to receiving your stories, tips, questions, suggestions, and any other content you would like to share with us and our readers.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please be sure to state in your email that you do not want your name published.  We respect an individual’s right to privacy.

Canadian Mental Health Association Niagara’s Blog Guidelines

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose of the Blogs
  1. Target Audience
  1. Content Criteria
  • Mental Wellness
  • Agency news and announcements
  • Mindful Musings – Executive Director’s blog
  • Clients’ Corner
  • Mental Health and Employment
  • Personal stories/testimonials
  • Family Perspectives
  1. Description of style and formatting
  1. Blog writers
  1. Specify linking policy
  1. Topic submission and review process
  1. Other items to be submitted
  1. Republishing/repurposing policy
  1. Formatting and posting


The purpose of the CMHA Niagara blogs is to provide a resource for individuals who are experiencing mental health symptoms, have a mental illness, or have a family member or friend with a mental health issue.  The goal of the blog is to provide free information, tips, stories, and perspectives available at any time as needed.


The target audience for this blog is broad:

  • Existing and potential clients looking for information on the groups and services we provide
  • Individuals who identify with any gender, come from any background, and any age range
  • Individuals struggling with their mental health who are looking for help, support, and/or a source of comfort
  • Family members and friends of those struggling with their mental health
  • Individuals who are struggling to navigate the system


  1. Mental Wellness content

This section can include tips on many topics such as:

  • Navigating the mental health support system throughout Niagara
  • Keeping well, both physically and mentally
  • Managing a small budget
  • Managing symptoms (depression, anxiety, compulsions, anger, hopelessness, etc.)
  • How-to manage in a crisis
  • Where to go for legal advice
  • Other resources available in the Region
  1. Agency News and Announcements

This section will be written by staff and/or volunteers within the agency who would like to share what’s happening at CMHA Niagara.  This can include:

  • New programs
  • Funding that has been allocated to us
  • Fundraising and other events
  • New hires being welcomed to the agency
  • Retirements being acknowledged
  1. Mindful Musings

This will be the blog where our Executive Director will share thoughts and comments on what’s happening in the agency, in the community, in the healthcare system, and any other relevant topic related to mental health.

  1. Clients’ Corner

In this section, clients can read detailed information on programs and services available to them through CMHA Niagara.  Upcoming events that would be of interest to clients will also be listed.

  1. Mental Health and Employment

In this blog, tips will be given for managing mental illness and mental health symptoms in the workplace.  There will be features from CMHA Niagara’s realwork employment counsellors on resume-writing, interview skills, and managing symptoms if the anxiety of starting a new job gets overwhelming.

  1. Personal Stories

We love to hear stories from those in the community! Have we helped you? Is there a service in the community that helped you? Do you want to share your struggle(s), and your successes? Do you have tips for managing your mental health that you want to share? If you’d like to submit your story, please see the section in our guide:  Topic Submission and review process.

  1. Family Perspectives

Having a family member or close friend/significant other with a mental illness can be a struggle. In this section, family members, friends, and loved ones of those with a mental illness are invited to share their stories, tips, and opinions with readers.


CMHA Niagara does not want to be too restrictive with the style and formatting because it’s important to have the writer’s voice shine through when there are different perspectives, stories, and comments on mental illness.  Spelling will be edited when the blog submission is received, aside from slang that is important to the written piece.  While trying not to be too restrictive, it is asked that writers refrain from using offensive language.


If any writers make reference to material from another source (a video, song, book, article, etc.), that source should be referenced in brackets and hyperlinked if there is an online source available.


All posts should be submitted to:

Submitted posts will be reviewed within 2-3 weeks, and the writer will be notified as to whether or not the content will be posted, and when.  When submitting a topic, please be sure to complete a release form so that your consent is provided to CMHA Niagara, allowing us to post the content on our blog.  If you are a new blogger with our agency, please include a short bio of yourself.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please make sure it is stated in your email with your topic submission – you can still create a short, generic bio with some details that will not give you away should you wish to remain anonymous.


Other items that will be considered for posting:

  • Videos with a short description of how it helped you/someone you know
  • Photos with a background explaining the what/where/who/why
  • Art
  • Relevant information you would like CMHA Niagara to share with our readers
  • Reader questions


CMHA Niagara reserves the right to re-post content, or reference previously posted content.


Please note that your blog may be reformatted to comply with website parameters.  The original writer will be credited with writing the submitted content.  If the writer has asked to remain anonymous, it will be noted that the content came from an anonymous source.