We are pleased to announce that the following Living Life To The Full (LLTTF) workshops will SOON be offered at each of our Morrison, Jarvis and Page Street locations:

  • 6760 Morrison Street – March 27th through May 29th – 10:30 until noon
  • 20 Jarvis Street – March 30th through May 18th – 10:30 until noon
  • 36 Page Street – May 2nd through June 20th – 1:30 until 3:00pm

This LLTTF course helps people to make a positive difference in their lives.  There are eight 90-minute weekly sessions that are open to adults who are willing and able to:

  • complete homework weekly, and
  • commit to attend sessions (no more than 2 sessions can be missed).

There is a sliding fee scale upon request.

For more information about the LLTTF course, visit the official website here.

Living Life to the Full Flyer


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