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Mental Wellness Tips

/Mental Wellness Tips

In this blog, you’ll have access to:

– How-to information on navigating the mental health system throughout Niagara

– Keeping well, both mentally and physically

– Managing a budget

– Managing symptoms (depression, anxiety, compulsions, anger, hopelessness, etc.)

– How-to tips for managing in a crisis

– Other resources available in the Niagara Region

4 September, 2017

Back to school mental health tips

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As students and parents prepare for back-to school-season, CMHA Niagara is reminding people to keep mental health in mind during the transition. While a new school year can be exciting, it can also cause stress and anxiety. CMHA suggests maintaining positive mental health during this seasonal shift with the following strategies: Take care of your body. Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. Make sure to get enough sleep, drink water, exercise, and eat well. Build resiliency. Resiliency means coping well with problems, stress, and other difficult situations. Problems and stress are a normal part of life. Set aside time [...]

16 January, 2017

Coping with the winter blues

2017-01-18T09:04:34+00:00 Categories: Mental Wellness Tips|

With the holidays over and the grey winter weather setting in, some Canadians may notice a shift in mood and energy. While 'Blue Monday’ – the third Monday of January – once touted as the most depressing day of the year, has proven to be a myth (this claim has no scientific evidence to support it), the 'winter blues' are all too real. Research in Ontario suggests that 15% of the general population have experienced the winter blues, which can include changes in appetite and lethargy as the days grow shorter. The winter blues differs from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, [...]

24 November, 2015

Working at the Walk-In

2017-01-04T09:57:46+00:00 Categories: Mental Wellness Tips|

One of the comments I hear staff say when asked what is it about the working in the Walk In Counselling program that stands out for them, is that they get to be part of a process that helps people right away.  Being able to respond to someone who is in crisis and feeling vulnerable in the same day they make contact with the organization helps staff feel like they are making a difference. The other way having access to immediate service is seen as being beneficial is that for the times you are speaking with someone on the phone [...]

13 November, 2015

Positive Impact of Working in Mental Health

2017-01-04T09:57:46+00:00 Categories: Mental Wellness Tips|

Working in mental health has many positive consequences.  One of them is the role of self reflection on one’s own mental health.  Being mentally well every day is a goal that I believe most individuals would strive for.  However there are many real life things that can challenge our level of wellness (e.g. how we slept, a fight with had with a spouse, friend, child, your work day, needs of elderly parents, and even traffic, or waiting lines).  Needing to be aware of how you are doing as you work with others is one of the important competencies mental health workers [...]